Things to Consider When Remodelling Your Home

Remodelling your home will be one of the biggest projects you’ll ever undertake. Whether you want your home to have a new look or you need a bit of extra space, preparing for a renovation can be both exciting and scary. Here are five things to consider when remodelling your home.


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Get Your Budget Right

Ensure you have the money in place to finance your home’s remodel. Running out of money halfway through the job will see contractors down tools and leave you with a mess, as well as an unfished job. Do as much research and window shopping as possible before you start the work. Factor an extra 20% into your budget for those inevitable issues that will crop up and check in with contractors regularly to ensure the remodel remains on budget.

Find the Right Contractors

We’ve all heard horror stories of cowboy builders ruining a homeowner’s dream with shoddy workmanship. The best tradesmen will generally come from word of mouth and there are websites available that list reputable workmen and provide testimonials. Make sure you get a number of different quotes before you sign any agreement.

Keep Original Features

Although you’ll be keen put your own stamp on things, try and keep or replace any original features. Keep features like a brick fireplace or sash windows as they will give your property character. If your home previously had wooden floors, replace them with engineered wood flooring to maintain an original look. Companies like have a range of flooring to spark your imagination.

Renovate for the Future

Invest in quality finishes now – buy cheap and you’ll end up buying twice! Remember that fashions come and go, so try and maintain a classic finish including items such as white pedestal sinks and neutral colours on the walls.

Know Your Limitations

In your quest to save money you may be tempted to try and complete jobs by yourself. Do not overestimate what you can do, as it could leave you in a right mess. You’ll lose money and time if you have to call in a tradesman to correct work you haven’t been able to do properly or to an acceptable standard. Be realistic about your DIY ability and hire contractors for the jobs you’re unable to complete.