Effective Methods of Controlling Mosquitos

Mosquitos bites are very irritating. Aren’t they? On top of mosquito bites, some species are vectors of some disease-causing organisms. Therefore, it is necessary to efficiently control mosquitos to reduce their population as well as their impact on humans and pets. Many companies are dedicated to offering practical solutions for mosquito control. Mosquito Squad of Charlotte offers Premier Mosquito Control solutions.

Many factors should be considered in mosquito control. Some of these factors are cost of control, how effective is each method is, the environmental impact of each method as well as the mosquito population. But to effectively control mosquitos some methods must be combined to reduce mosquito population significantly. Removal of breeding sites, control of mosquito adults, personal protection, and control of mosquitoes at larvae stage are effective methods of controlling pests. The following are details of these methods;

1. Elimination of mosquito breeding sites
Mosquitos require standing water for their egg and larval stages in development. Therefore, to cut their lifecycle and discourage their reproduction it is vital to eliminate their breeding sites. To reduce breeding sites, drain all standing water in old tires, plastics, rain gutters as well as any other container which can hold water for mosquitos to breed.

Do you have bushes and long grass around your homestead? If yes, the bushes and tall grass need to be cleared. This will eliminate mosquito breeding grounds effectively. If there are temporally pools kindly drain them and fill them. Ensure the swimming pool water is circulating and treated. Destroying mosquito breeding sites is very effective in mosquito population control.

2. Control of mosquito adults
Mosquito adults are the ones that cause bites and spread diseases. Therefore, they should be controlled using pesticides that are eco-friendly and effective. Many companies have come with different adulticides that kill the pest. Also, use of mosquito traps has proven to be effective in mosquito control. Moreover, many repellants are also used to keep away mosquitos from our residential areas.

3. Control of Mosquito larvae stage
Controlling mosquitos at larvae stage than adult stage is effortless. Most larvae are found in stagnant water hence effective methods should destroy them. Oiling is one of the most effective methods to control mosquito larvae as it is toxic to them. Other chemicals have been used to kill the larval stage, and most of them are very effective. Natural enemies like fish, gambusia as well as minnows survive on mosquito larvae. Thus, they should be introduced to mosquito breeding sites to destroy the larvae.

4. Use of structural barriers
If you want to avoid mosquito bites, use mosquito nets. Also, ensure your house doesn’t have spaces for mosquito entrance. Ensure doors and window screens are tight to prevent mosquito accessing your home.

It is evident that the above methods of mosquito control are effective. Mosquito Squad of Charlotte encourages people to use these methods to control mosquitos. They also come up with effective and cost-efficient solutions for mosquito control.