Save on Improvement Costs

Often when you’re planning a home improvement project cost becomes an issue. The small things add up, and before you know it you feel like the hardware store is your home away from home. While there’s no sure way to make your projects cheaper and easier, there are some simple tactics you can use to make the plan go smoother and lower the costs while you’re at it.

First of all, make detailed lists of what you’ll need for the job at hand. For example, if you’re just painting and refreshing your kitchen do a few online searches for materials you might need. Make a list and do a cost estimate to see if it’s feasible to drive to a store further away to save on prices. Often the lower price is a misnomer because of the fuel and time spent on the trip.

Check for savings on the things you need and want for your project. Use a site such as Groupon to find discounts and coupons from every type of store and service you can imagine. Groupon represents merchants who carry everything from vitamins to hammers and all in between, and often there are savings to be found right in your neighborhood.

Double check your supplies before you start the job. Make sure you’re not going to run out of paint or tape and that you have rollers and scrapers on hand. Cutting down on trips equals cutting down on time, and that means money saved.

Look for ways to cut the project into two. For example, you can paint the walls one month and paint the trim the next, then order new handles for the cabinets and your matching towels the third month. Just because you want to renew a room doesn’t mean it has to be completed all at once on one paycheck!

The main point to remember is when you think it can’t be done, take a break and think outside the box. Often you just need to step back and see the situation from a different angle in order to find a simple solution. With a bit of planning you’ll find the job goes faster and won’t cost as much as you projected in the beginning!